March 28, 2016


Hello LQHA Youth!!

My name is Vicky Chiri and I’m so pleased to be your new LQHA Youth Director! I’m 29 years old now, but I remember showing in LQHA Youth classes like it was yesterday. The awesome memories I made with my fellow LQHYA members are some of my favorite! Between showing, YES Convention and AQHYA World, we all got super close and that is part of what made it so great! That, and the horses, of course!!

Some of my goals for 2017 are to host fun events (such as youth-hosted clinics, a barn lock-in, team building activities, workshops, and recruiting and fund raising events with special incentives!); get new members; build stronger relationships among existing members, and most importantly, HAVE FUN! We are going to learn a lot this year, and make it the best year of your Youth career!

Before we get 2017 started, please send me your name, age group, what classes you show, and where you live. I will do my best to make events accessible to everyone by arranging carpools, pick up (if possible), and varying locations for events.

I can’t wait to meet everyone! Feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions, concerns, comments, or suggestions!

-Vicky Chiri